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Meet Dr. Brian

Teenager with back pain

When I was 15, I already had lower back and knee pain, primarily from working at a nursery where I was lifting heavy items. I had heard that chiropractors could help with back pain, and I liked the idea of a more natural approach to healthcare instead of using medication.

Something went ‘click’!

The chiropractor had me laying on my side and rotated my lower back forwards, something went ‘click’ and my back was free of pain! In fact my back felt better than it had before the pain began – it felt free and flexible. The chiropractor adjusted my knees as well with the same result.

I knew what I wanted

As I stood up feeling great, I thought, “This is for me! I’m going to become a chiropractor because everybody should be able to feel this kind of relief!”

From that moment on I knew what I wanted to do. I travelled to Texas to the best Chiropractic College – Parker College of Chiropractic in Dallas, to learn the art, science and philosophy of Chiropractic from a fantastic pioneer within the profession.

Now I want you to feel better!

Do you want to improve your performance and abilities?

My treatment plans are based on reducing pain and disability while improving your performance and your abilities. For some people this means sports, for others it could be something as simple as walking, or completing household activities.


Our main goal is Wellness, which can be described as keeping your spine and nerve system in its best working order so that you are pain free and you are maintaining your performance levels for the rest of your life.

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