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Scarborough Chiropractor :: First Visit

Comprehensive Consultation

You will be greeted warmly by Jenny when you enter our office and be given a short overview of what is to come during the examination. Some admitting paperwork will need to be completed and you will be ready for your consultation. In the consultation your presenting health complaints (if any), history, physical, chemical and emotional stresses, healthcare needs and goals will be reviewed.

Thorough Examination

Next the Doctor will perform the examination to identify nerve system interference. This interference could be affecting organs thereby reducing function of the body systems. The motor system could also be affected, causing increased muscle tone or spasticity which can cause increased compression on the vertebrae, soft discs and even irritate the nerves that exit between each vertebrae. Next palpation of the spine will reveal areas of fixation or stuck bones. These could be caused from large physical trauma or minute repetitive use syndromes or increased tension in the motor system. This gives the Doctor detailed information about where the nerve system is being impacted and from this computerized thermography and surface electromyography and radiographs can be ordered.

Once these tests are completed your examination is complete and your first step to Wellness has been taken. Next up is your Report of Findings.

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